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Do you struggle with procrastination, have no time and frustrated with your business performance?

Feel like you have tried everything  and still not getting results?

Neuroscience and scientific evidence tell us why and how we can change to achieve freedom, results and peak performance.

“If you ain’t evidence-based nowadays, you ain’t nowhere; this is the gold standard.”

Counselling and Clinical Psychologist


Is your business suffering from THE top 3 most common problems?

Not enough clients

Very rarely do I see a business not need more clients. Many businesses want more customers and have run out of ideas or strategies, or what they are doing is not working to their satisfaction. Losing prospects, not enough conversations, not enough inbound calls, no outbound prospecting that works.
When they do speak with prospects they are not converting to new customers. There is a psychology, trust and evidence-based neuroscience process that is usually missed.

Not enough profits

The lifeblood of any business is not what they bring in the door but how much they end up keeping. The difference is the good old bottom line. What is left for the business owner and their hard earned effort.
You can have all the customers in the market, but if it is costing you almost the same as what they give you as revenue, then what is left for you? Not much.
Being busy does not always mean more profits. Learn what major successful corporations have discovered and why they drive profits so successfully. You don’t have to be an ASX blue chip company to implement them.

Not enough time and energy

Most people are exhausted! Running around from one task to another, feeling like they are spinning plates on a stick desperately trying to make sure those plates don’t fall off. Tackling everything that needs doing and feeling like you’re still going nowhere?
Never having enough hours in a day and feeling overwhelmed with a seemingly endless list of things to do. Sound familiar?
How to make it stop?
This one is the easiest to resolve and it will bring you to what neuroscience refers to as a peak flow state.


Not Just More Information

You, like most people are probably thinking “here we go another website with another business coach who solve all my problems and bring me to the promised land”. In this day and age, why would you not think like that, there is an ocean of business coaches and a truck load of info on google.
Some of you may also be thinking, I am performing well and I don’t need anybody to tell me how to improve. If that is the honest truth, then well done to you and you really don’t need to read any further. You have my respect and I wish you well.

Identifying the Blind Spots

If you have a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, have tried almost everything and feeling a bit stuck and where to from here then let me offer a few insights that might help. It’s not that we have superpowers, magic dust, or some deep-seated insights about your industry. A good coach can help you see what you can’t see because you are too involved in the day-to-day of running your business.

See the New Obvious

We see what you’re missing and shed a spotlight on your roadblocks, we have clear vision on what’s not working and may be stunting your growth.
Most (not all) businesses have entire areas of potential that they have never explored or pursued. A good coach can give you the "aha" moment that becomes so obvious once you see it. Revealing opportunities hidden in plain sight.


Business & Time Management Consulting Services

When you think about your current procrastination, lack of time and frustrations around your business performance then what are you missing out on if things don’t improve?

What opportunities or income are you missing, what impact or real financial toll will it take on you or your family and your loved ones?

If you are not happy, then maybe I can help you and as a no risk proof of my value, I will waive my usual fee for your first consultation.


Ok, so many of you might be thinking yes I may be open to having a business coach or consultant; Why choose you Sam?
Good question, if you are old enough to remember the old Castrol Oil commercial you would remember the saying “Oils ain’t Oils”, same with coaches, sadly they are not all the same.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I might suggest having a free consultation as a starting point:

Certified as a neuro change practitioner by the International Neuro Change Institute Specializing in beating procrastination and resistance to change.

16 years as a certified performance consultant/seminar presenter with Life in Balance Careers where Science, Research and Evidence Based methods are the reasons for their establish global success. (

Sam is Life in Balance seminars’ longest serving facilitator for the internationally acclaimed “Total Focus” program, which is now into its 26th year of transforming business performance globally.

A published contributing author on time management – The Home Therapist Dr John Barletta clinical phycologist

Sam spent a solid background in corporate commercial management spanning 18 years with Australian leading organisations such as Toll, Mayne Group and Pepsi. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland.

Companies Sam has personally worked with are :

Let’s get to the point… If what I’m sharing with you, resonates with you in any way, then we should be having a conversation. Sooner rather than later!

Do you have a specific business challenge that is a priority to solve? Then you are strongly encouraged to book a 45 min complimentary consultation with Sam to understand your situation deeper and possibly discover some hidden insights and breakthroughs.

NOTE : I have limited free consultation time. Please do not request a call, if you fit into any of the three following criteria.


Your business is doing ok now

Awesome! If that is true, then please keep doing what you are doing you don’t need me or any other business coach or consultant. If things change for you then you are most welcome to contact me in the future.

You are not ready to make any changes

That’s totally understandable, we only act when things are painful enough. I get that we all prefer to live in our comfort zones, change is not supposed to be easy. What if you got one insight out of the session and ran with it, what could happen to your business growth? It all depends on how uncomfortable you are with where you are now.

You don’t have an established business already and are just looking for some initial help and ideas for when you do

That’s ok, well done to commence thinking about expanding and growing. I applaud you for making this step even if its early days. Once you have a clear outline of what service you want to provide and a rollout plan, let’s talk. I may be able to help you with your foundation so that no costly mistakes are made from the start.


Working in my specialised, demanding profession, and running successful businesses is not for the faint of heart. Thanks to time and conversations with Sam Tornatore, my purpose and motivation is sharply focused and values-driven.
Sam is a rare consultant and coach who has enabled and empowered me to develop clarity from chaos. He works comfortably both in the heart and head space, always genuine, respectful, caring, and thankfully, growth and outcomes-based.
John Barletta, Ph.D.
Counselling and Clinical Psychologist
Hello Sam
I would like to take a moment to thank you for your excellent presentation at our Better Business Breakfast recently. Your presentation was stacked with powerful tips, ideas and general information all relevant to small business to enable them to grow their business.
Is it any wonder that we keep asking you to come back again.
Thanks again, Sam
Dennis Chiron, National President
Australasian Institute of Business & Enterprise Facilitators
“Today I was encouraged to stop and think, take away excuses and act.”
Anthony Parlett, Sales
Mercedes Benz of Brisbane
Dear Sam on behalf of Century 21 Australia and the QLD team, I would like to thank you most sincerely for giving up your time to provide a presentation to our recent principles retreat. The retreat was a great success which was in part due to your presentation.
Tanya Churchill
Century 21, Australia

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